Bonnie L. Harper-Lore (2014)


Bonnie L. Harper-Lore


Lecture Title: “One Garden at a Time”

Bonnie’s interest in protecting native plants started with her first wildflower garden at age 12. Following her graduate work in restoration and management at the University of Wisconsin, she taught ecological principles at the University of Minnesota and established the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (DOT) native wildflower program. That program led her to the Federal Highway Administration as a program manager in 1993. For 17 years she taught all 50 state DOTs how to use native plants and control invasive plants through practical and affordable applied science methods. She reached across rights-of-way fences to collaborate with other federal departments and agencies, states, tribes and counties to slow the spread of invasive plants across the United States. Her interest in teaching continues with a Continuing Education course for the use of native plants by homeowners. Bonnie now has a chance to connect the public to Leopold’s land ethic at a personal level.