Aldo & Estella Leopold Residency


An inspiring retreat for professional environmental writers at "Mi Casita", Aldo and Estella's first home in northern New Mexico, The Aldo and Estella Leopold Residency provides a space for writers and respected thinkers interested in reshaping the cultural story about the relationship between humans and Nature.

  • Stay for up to one month during the months of May to October.

  • Receive a stipend to help defray travel and living expenses.

  • Give a public presentation at the Harwood Art Museum in Taos.

The Aldo & Estella Leopold Residency is for college students, graduate students, post-graduate students, and other emerging and mid-career professional writers from around the country and abroad. 

Just as the Aldo Leopold Writing Contest is a creative way to build a network of students who, based on their writing talent, have the potential to become the next generation’s environmental leaders, the Aldo & Estella Leopold Residency has the potential to make the network intergenerational by extending it from 6th-12th grade all the way up to the emerging and mid-career professional writing level. The two programs dovetail, and their combined cultural impact is made greater because they are all of a piece.

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Apply for the residency Today!

Please send application materials to Andrew Dennison (Outreach Coordinator) at

Note: An application processing fee of $20 is required to qualify for review. Pay via PayPal (button below) or by check to Leopold Writing Program, c/o Anthony Anella, P.O. Box 40122 Albuquerque, NM 87196.

Past Residents

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