Aldo & Estella Leopold Residency


An inspiring retreat for professional environmental writers at "Mi Casita", Aldo and Estella's first home in northern New Mexico, The Aldo and Estella Leopold Residency provides a space for writers and respected thinkers interested in reshaping the cultural story about the relationship between humans and Nature.

  • Stay for up to one month during the months of May to October.

  • Receive a stipend to help defray travel and living expenses.

  • Give a public presentation at the Harwood Art Museum in Taos.

The Aldo & Estella Leopold Residency is for college students, graduate students, post-graduate students, and other emerging and mid-career professional writers from around the country and abroad. 

Just as the Aldo Leopold Writing Contest is a creative way to build a network of students who, based on their writing talent, have the potential to become the next generation’s environmental leaders, the Aldo & Estella Leopold Residency has the potential to make the network intergenerational by extending it from 6th-12th grade all the way up to the emerging and mid-career professional writing level. The two programs dovetail, and their combined cultural impact is made greater because they are all of a piece.


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Upcoming Event: 

6th Annual Aldo & Estella Leopold Residency

please join us for:

Ben Goldfarb

"Restoring Beavers, Healing Landscapes"


7:00 - 9:00 pm Wednesday 4 October 2017

Harwood Museum

238 Ledoux St, Taos, NM 87571 (MaP)


Ben Goldfarb is an award-winning environmental journalist whose writing has appeared in High Country News, Orion Magazine, Science, Mother Jones, The Guardian, and many other publications. In 2016, he served as editor of “Small Towns, Big Change,” a collaboration between seven newsrooms, including the Taos News, to report on solutions to social and environmental challenges in northern New Mexico. This lecture is drawn from his forthcoming book on beaver restoration (Chelsea Green Publishing, spring 2018). 


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